Growth/Retention Assessment and Advisory

After the Sale, your clients want just two things from you:

1. Help optimizing their investments

2. In depth, actionable performance insights

We will embed with your teams to create alignment so that your ARR Growth goals create larger net-new deals, shorter sales cycles, and clients who stay longer.  Please download 'The Right Score' pdf to see how we leverage the Voice of the Customer to help you excel in every area from Sales through Support.

ARR G&R Assessment.png

ARR Growth and Retention Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of your client-facing activities and your team priorities to make sure there is alignment and an agenda for actual ARR Growth and Retention.

The 4-D Assessment evaluates focus key areas:

1. How to achieve Excellence in your market

2. Opportunities to provide ongoing Value to clients

3. Client Perspectives

4. Stakeholder Perspective on client level financials

Here is an example of an abbreviated score card across each dimension:

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