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3 ways to open the door to a value conversation with your Clients

Your B2B SaaS customers want just a few key value-adds from you beyond exceptional and responsive tech support. They want:

  • Help optimizing the investments they made with you

  • Correct monthly invoices

  • Actionable insights into performance and adoption of their investments with you.

Sometimes, systems aren't fully implemented at Go Live and that can be for a variety of reasons but it creates a wonderful opportunity for your teams to go back in and start adding value by turning on and adding functionality 'for free'. We can all agree: there is little that beats 'free'. Try adding subject matter and product expertise and best practice recommendations on top of free and you've likely created a client gold mine from which you can pull publishable success stories, references, and speaking events on your behalf. Talk about a growth engine!

To fuel-inject value into your client relationships, start with these three simple steps:

  1. Help your client define what success looks like. They rely on you as the experts of the product to get it set up correctly but if you haven't mutually agreed to what success looks likes (and given them the tools to measure it), they may never feel or perceive 'success'. Talk candidly about what success looks like, make best practice recommendations and leverage industry benchmarks. Engage your product teams for those items that will need to be developed. Lastly as part of this new partnership you're developing with your clients, make sure invoices are correct before they go out the door. Clients will not be quick to trust you with their success if you can't get the billing right.

  2. Check on your client's open tickets. What has been sitting open the longest? What's the highest priority to them? Let the Support teams be Support teams but let the client know that you're watching and helping to get their items prioritized. If the ticket is waiting for client response or information, work with the client to get the information or help them test to move the ticket forward towards "close". When you become a partner problem solver, you automatically build trust and confidence. Look into leading a cross-functional call with both the Client and the Support analyst to review tickets together particularly if the list is long, if the tickets have been open longer than 14 days, or there are lingering open critical issues.

  3. Provide actionable insights. You're the expert on your platform and you know your client's business inside and out, right? Help your client understand what the system is doing for them because that is how you can demonstrate VALUE. If client's don't want to meet with you (read: won't make time for you), send them a one pager summarizing best practice metrics and how they're performing against the industry benchmarks. If the system reporting is sub-optimal and you don't have analytics dashboards, create something in a spreadsheet that quickly shows two or three key performance indicators (KPIs) over time that you can pull out of the system on their behalf. (EX: cash collected month over month, unique user logins month over month, and # of support tickets opened and closed month over month). Obviously, choose KPIs that make sense and are meaningful to your business and your client's operations. The spreadsheet format may not "wow" and it may take a few months to get enough data to show any meaningful trending, but highlight your expertise and insights when you can, provide insights and best practice recommendations based on your findings, and keep at it. You'll really catch their attention when you can compare them (anonymously of course) to other users of your platform who are similarly sized.

Your clients bought from you for any number of reasons but those reasons may change over time which is why it is important now to engage with clients in ways that help you understand their business needs and their objectives. Through understanding their strategic needs and helping leverage the KPIs to prove the value as well as getting their invoices correct and easy to understand, you can open the door to align future solutions/services to better support them. Start now to lay the foundation for building a partnership that can turn your clients into your most strategic growth asset and your best raving fans.

Call upturn. We have tools, templates, and expertise to help you get started.

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