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Is it time to replace the Sales team?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

AMC's Don Draper of Mad Men

Or is it time to change the Sales process and skill sets to thrive in a fast-paced B2B SaaS/SaaP world?

Gone are the Sales days of Don Draper. In the TV show Mad Men, clients came to Don become he knew the game. He could prescribe a winning strategy and knew how to just 'get it done'. He was literally the advertising expert. He helped his clients grow and he helped his own business grow.

While I am relieved today's world isn't the dystopia of Mad Men, being successful in today's high-tech world probably means changing your Sales skill sets and the process. Entirely.

The B2B SaaS/SaaP client journey is complicated. There's a Sales rep, a Delivery rep, a Support rep, and an Account Management rep. Simplifying and improving the Client Experience can be especially hard in a world where we are unnecessarily tied to outdated Sales models (that were probably once award winning) and technology 'ease of use' and 'intuitiveness' are just table stakes.

If you're a B2B SaaS technology and you are tracking how many cold calls your Sales team is making, frankly, you should probably be drinking scotch with Don Draper. Instead, consider tracking competency on the product and integrations. Yes, I mean an exam or leading a white board session of some sort. It's time to require the Sales, Delivery, Product and Support teams, anyone who is interacting with the client to up their game and help clients to buy through value added conversations. In fact, if your teams can't tell you the client value they are adding to any single conversation, I'd question why they're even having a conversation. I worked with a guy who tracked his conversations in the CRM and he'd actually write, 'We caught up on each other's family, I showed pictures of my new baby (he uploaded the picture to the CRM). She said she doesn't need anything now but she looks forward to catching up with me in 6 months'. Awesome.

Aha! is one of the fastest growing tech companies in the US and they're doing it without outside funding but most importantly, without sales people. Currently >300k Users in 6 years with significant YoY ARR growth. How? They hire accomplished Product Managers to build relationships focused on value with the people who buy their solutions. Who buys their solutions? Solution and Product Managers. #thingsthatmakemegohmmmm

Click-through demos from the national sales meeting are of a by-gone era. Having value-driven, insightful industry conversations that are not focused on navigating the system are game changing. Figure out how to get your client-facing teams to add value. Every time. Because the 'sales' team in a B2B SaaS/SaaP company is everyone who touches the account.

You want to Land and Expand? Start there.

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