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Leveraging Customer Surveys to Drive ARR Insights with Industry Benchmarks

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Annual Client surveys may provide insights but can they help you create a more predictable ARR Growth and Retention Strategy?

The answer is YES!

You'll need more than one type of survey across the Customer journey to engage the right Client persona at the right time for the right feedback, but you'll start to get a feel for the bottlenecks, the client irritants, and what it's like to work with your teams. With so many choices for clients today, it's important to know what's important to them, as both Buyers and Users.

Customer Effort Score (CES) is a transactional metric used to gauge how hard it is for Customers to do business with you. It is particularly useful in understanding your Sales and Deployment client interactions. CLICK HERE FOR CES Benchmarks

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is different transactional measure best used a little later in the Client journey to understand the satisfaction of individual interactions, such as with Support or Client Financial Services. CLICK HERE for CSAT Benchmarks . You'll sometimes see this question as "Would you hire the last person you spoke with?" or "Did we resolve your issue to your satisfaction with this call?".

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a relationship measurement to help you understand your client's propensity to renew (read: extend their relationships) and recommend you to their colleagues peers who are looking for similar solutions. There is an emotional attachment element to NPS that speaks specifically to how the client 'feels' about your platform and services. CLICK HERE for NPS Benchmarks

It is important to know what survey techniques to use at which interactions along the client journey but most importantly, who of your Clients should be surveyed, when and why.

We've created this helpful graphic:

The RIGHT Score
Download PDF • 287KB

Surveys are just one piece of a solid Land and Expand strategy that Grows and Retains ARR! Schedule time HERE to discuss how we can help.

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